New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Meet Ben

This website is maintained for historical purposes.
Ben Kallos is no longer a candidate for Manhattan Borough President or any other office.

I’m Council Member Ben Kallos, and I am running for Manhattan Borough President because anywhere else in America, people struggle to get out, but here in New York City we are struggling to stay, and together I believe we can fix that.

I grew up in Manhattan with a single mom sharing a one bedroom and as a student at Bronx Science I was so ashamed to be on the reduced lunch line that I went hungry. That’s why as a Council Member, I won free school lunch for all students, and as part of universal after school I want to feed every student 3 square meals a day to end youth hunger. As a new dad, I know we can make it easier to raise a family by providing free universal child care.

I’ve been a tenant all my life and this city is so unaffordable because real estate developers get whatever they want from the politicians who take their money. I never have and never will. I wrote the law to force developers to put 50,000 units of affordable housing back on the market and as Borough President I will require affordable housing in every new building.

Together I believe that we can win a Manhattan where no student goes hungry and where nobody gets forced out of their homes.

A Manhattan for all of us.

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