New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos
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Ben Kallos is no longer a candidate for Manhattan Borough President or any other office.

Climate Emergency!

Council Member Ben Kallos Climate Emergency

Ben believes that climate change is not only real but an emergency. That's why Ben worked with Extinction Rebellion and climate activists to author and pass a resolution making New York City the largest city on the planet to declare a climate emergency. Inspired by Captain Planet at an early age to be a Planeteer, Ben's been focused in the Council on the environment and saving our planet, earning him the endorsement of the show's co-creator.

As a Council Member, Ben 

As Borough President, Ben wants to go further by 

  • Harvesting energy locally from solar on our buildings, water in our rivers, and wind in our air.  
  • Divesting and moving beyond fossil fuels, 
  • Protecting environmental justice communities from climate change with a resilient waterfront, and 
  • Creating 100,000 jobs in the climate industry as we strive to meet the City’s 2050 climate goals.

Fresh Ideas: Climate Emergency!

Renewable NYC: Generate Renewable Energy Locally

Ben believes in climate change and evidence-based governance. That's why Ben authored and passed a resolution making New York City the largest city on the planet to declare a climate emergency. As Borough President, Ben will reduce the carbon footprint of dirty buildings by enforcing requirements for solar on every rooftop, build green energy infrastructure right here like Renewable Rikers and offshore wind for a recovery that puts climate first.