New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos
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Ben Kallos is no longer a candidate for Manhattan Borough President or any other office.

Public Health & Safety

Council Member Ben Kallos Public Health

When the Covid-19 pandemic started, the first thing Ben did was try and help our City and state secure hospital beds which were in huge demand early on. Ben succeeded and was able to open 550 new hospital beds in the district. Ben also launched a supply clearinghouse, and we continue distributing masks, sanitizer, and food

Over the years Ben's focused on public health with laws to take on Legionnaires' disease and make happy meals healthy, and even worked to connect New Yorkers with the benefits they need automatically. Ben wrote the law to create the Office of Food Policy and is fighting to adopt good food purchasing.

When it comes to crime, Ben knows that we need a more comprehensive approach that matches that right tools for the right circumstances. We've seen the greatest reduction in gun violence through modest investments in violence interrupters like cure violence which should be expanded. Similarly, free and subsidized programs for youth from after school, to summer camp, and even youth jobs, have had an incredibly impact in changing outcomes for children and improving graduation rates which is why Ben is carrying legislation to make all of these programs universal. There are still incidents involving people battling mental health issues and addiction, which must be addressed with dedicated mental health outreach teams coupled with making mental health free and affordable to anyone and everyone starting in school throughout our lives. This way police can focus their attention on responding to more serious threats to public safely.

As Manhattan Borough President, Ben will continue to fight for public health:

  • Medicare for All.
  • Vaccinate every New Yorker in homes, schools, senior centers and anywhere we can.
  • Ensure free and low-cost access to medical care through our public hospitals.
  • Comprehensive mental health and substance abuse counseling for all who need it.
  • End hunger and take on poverty by giving cash and other benefits to those who need them most.