New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos
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Ben Kallos is no longer a candidate for Manhattan Borough President or any other office.

Smart City

Daily News Ben Kallos Smart City Headline

Smart City technology can prevent gas explosions, improve lighting, and even make it easier to find parking. As a software developer and as the next Borough President, Ben wants to work smarter using smart city technology and the Internet of Things to fix problems that bother every New Yorker and even save lives.

Ben's comprehensive Smart City proposal would include:

Traffic Data Integration - By installing smart sensors on New York City Streets traffic congestion would be diminished significantly and drivers would be alerted when designated street parking becomes available. This would cut back on cars idling and curling stress looking potential parking. It would also help decrease use of fossil fuels consumption and make city streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.    

Smart Water Meters - Would be used to track water usage and quality in real time. It would save the City water by alerting City officials of potential leaks and when water is contaminated by lead or any other pollutant.

Waste Water Sensors - Would be used to test water samples in dwellings and Commercial buildings for Covid-19 spikes.

Smart Gas Meters - Would be used to regulate and track gas usage to prevent dangerous leaks and potential deadly explosions in commercial districts as well as residential neighborhoods.

Smart Power Meters - Would be connected to the City’s electrical grid and would allow for solar power being harnessed through panels to be monitored and throttled to keep up with the municipal needs on days of heavy consumption.

Smart Trash and Recycling Sensors - Would help prevent overflowing trash cans and would transmit alerts to the Sanitation Department when recycling receptacles are full and need to be collected.