New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA)

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“Ben Kallos has been a dramatic and effective member of the City Council. His energy and courage stand out and we are very pleased with his responsiveness and hard work,” said Robert Croghan, Chairperson and President of the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA), whose leadership has endorsed Kallos.

“Real Estate Developers took billions in public dollars for affordable housing, and many have not lived up to their promises. When I discovered this, Ben Kallos was there to listen and protect my whistle blower status. He authored the law that I recommended to force landlords to register each and every unit of affordable housing to help end the crisis,” said Stephen Werner, from the Executive Board of the Organization of Staff Analysts (OSA),  an analyst and whistleblower at Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) with whom Kallos worked alongside ProPublica to expose as many as 200,000 units of affordable housing that had gone unregistered and pass Local Law 64 to force their registration and offering to low-income New Yorkers.