New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos
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Ben Kallos is no longer a candidate for Manhattan Borough President or any other office.

Pioneering Social Media Platform Rolled Out in City Council Race

Twitterverse – A new kind of political platform has been launched by Ben Kallos, candidate for City Council on the East Side of Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The candidate is putting his open, participatory platform on twitter to spark conversation. Kallos will tweet his 125 solutions for a better city using the hashtag #BetterCity. The #BetterCity tweets are intended to leverage the unique power of twitter to generate an exchange of ideas between elected officials, interested groups and constituents.

“It’s time for local political leaders to take full advantage of the available communication tools,” said Kallos. “Politics and government must move completely into the 21st century, and that means bringing our platform online for the city to see and discuss.”

The twitter platform is part of Kallos’ open platform. Anyone can upload a solution or weigh in on someone else’s on Kallos’ participatory campaign site. About 20% of Kallos’ solutions are crowdsourced. The one-of-a-kind open campaign allows constituents to weigh in on their own communities and futures, instead of simply being on the receiving end of a political agenda.

"Until Election Day, we’ll be tweeting my 125 solutions for a better city to give voters another way to join the conversation,” said Kallos. “We are about participation and results.”

Kallos has received the endorsement of Software Freedom founder and free culture innovator Richard Stallman been a passionate transparency advocate, working to make City and State Legislature transparent by putting voting records online for free at, whose code and development team replicated the process nationally for Sun Light Foundation at He founded, now merged with Jurispedia, to bring law into the hands of the people. Kallos designed his campaign website using Free and Open Source Drupal software.

A sample tweet reads: “Create a #SeniorCitizen Service Corps of expert retirees to assist w/ workforce & business development! #BetterCity