New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos
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Ben Kallos is no longer a candidate for Manhattan Borough President or any other office.

Policy Platform Authored by Manhattan Young Democrats Adopted by Council Candidate Kallos


New York, N.Y. – A comprehensive policy platform created exclusively by advocacy group Manhattan Young Democrats was adopted today by City Council Candidate Ben Kallos for inclusion in his campaigns solutions for a better City.


“Drafting policy platforms for adoption by candidates is an amazing way to empower communities and give them a stake in the political process,” said Kallos. “Manhattan Young Democrats is a model for the City, State and Nation.”


The Manhattan Young Democrats platform includes key progressive policies such as Campaign Finance Reform to combat corruption by allowing Young Democrats like Kallos to mount real challenges to Albany machine politicians.


In order to accomplish the Manhattan Young Democratic policy platform, many members will be running for Democratic County Committee as part of the Open Seat Project,, where Kallos has offered training and technical support for candidates in his district.


“Young Democratic voters are rising up, taking back the Democratic Party by running for County Committee, and will be instrumental in fending off Albany corruption from taking over our City government this year,” said Kallos.  “I support the Manhattan Young Democrats and their members who are running for County Committee.”


Kallos has posted the Manhattan Young Democrats policy platform on his solutions-oriented site at, allowing members of the community to engage further with MYD platform by voting, commenting and improving. The MYD platform will join more than 100 solutions provided by Kallos and 25 by members of the public. The Kallos Open Platform is intended to foster conversation among constituents, rather than leaving them at the receiving end of a political agenda.


Key items from the platform include that already overlap with the Kallos platform include:

•   Campaign Finance Reform

•   Universal Access to Pre-K

•   Energy Independence through Local Production and Infrastructure Improvement

•   Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act

•   Reform of Stop and Frisk

•   Support the New York Dream Act


The platform, initially drafted by MYD's Issue-Oriented Committees, was considered, debated, and passed with full member participation at an MYD general meeting last week, open to the public and attended by several candidates for City office. The city's largest youth-oriented Democratic political club, MYD has seen its past policy planks endorsed and adopted by candidates, both in whole and in part, including by 2009 candidate for Public Advocate Mark Green, at the suggestion of then-Policy Director Ben Kallos.


Kallos, who is 32 years old, has been a member of Manhattan Young Democrats since his graduation from State University of New York at Buffalo Law School in 2005. He went on to serve as the Legal Director for the New York State Young Democrats and Co-Founder of the New York Democratic Law Students Council where he has worked ever since to protect the vote in New York City and State as well as nationwide.


Kallos has served as the Executive Director of a leading good government group, entrepreneur, attorney, Chief of Staff for Assembly Member Jonathan Bing, and Policy Director to former Public Advocate Mark Green.  Learn more about his run for City Council District 5 at