New York CIty Council Member Ben Kallos

The Lion: The Official Publication of Alpha Epsilon Pi

The Lion: The Official Publication of Alpha Epsilon Pi Friday PiDay: Ben Kallos (Albany, 2002) by Editor

Friday PiDay: Ben Kallos (Albany, 2002)

Like many Brothers, Brother Kallos credits his leadership ability in no small part to what he learned at AEPi. As a Founding Father of the Alpha Nu chapter at the University at Albany, he was deeply focused on creating a chapter that was focused on Jewish issues, Israel issues and Jewish identity. “In essence what we offered was a values-based organization,” he said.

“One of the most useful skills that I use to this day is how to rush, which they teach at conclave. These are skills I use to this day, and it even got me elected. The ability to knock on a stranger’s door and convince them to join your organization is the same skill you need whether you’re running for city council or President of the United States of America.”

In the future, Brother Kallos wants to run for Manhattan Borough President to be able to affect change on an even greater scale. He believes that politics must always be about helping people and that it’s important to want to talk to people, understand their needs and make choices to improve everyone’s lives. For potential candidates, he recommends interning in political offices or volunteering on campaigns to make sure it’s the right fit. Brother Kallos believes all people have to opportunity to find and pursue their passions, whatever they may be: “Life is precious; don’t waste it working in a dead end job, or a job you hate,” he says. “If you have a job you love you’re going to work even harder and put in 18-hour days but you’re going to love it, and it won’t even feel like working.”